Troll Army Name Generator

Generate Troll Army names randomly, Each name has its meaning for your reference. Such as Bloodtusk Brigade means Named After The Fearsome Tusks Of The Strongest Troll Warriors Who Lead The Army Into Battle. Sludge Maulers means This Army Specializes In Using Mauls And Clubs To Pummel Their Enemies. You can choose the name you like best to use.

Bloodred Battalion

Trolls who have red skin and revel in the sight of blood.


A troll who has the power to control blood, causing enemies to bleed out.

Shadow Snipers

A group of skilled archers who operate in the dark.

Dark Blades

These trolls wield weapons made from the darkest materials.


Some good ideas for generating Troll Army names:

Incorporate animal names into your troll army name, such as "Raging Rhinos" or "Fierce Falcons"

Use alliteration to make your name catchy, like "Savage Sirens" or "Blazing Banshees"

Create a pun with a common phrase to make a unique name, like "Troll Tollers" or "Baiting Bandits"

Use mythology or folklore for inspiration, like "Cerberus Crew" or "Medusa's Minions"

Use military ranks or terminology to create a strong and intimidating name, like "Commando Corps" or "Assault Legion"

Incorporate a color into your name for added flair, like "Blackout Brigade" or "Crimson Crusade"

Use a location or geographic feature to make a memorable name, like "Desert Demons" or "Mountain Mavericks"

Use popular culture references to create a name that is both humorous and recognizable, like "Jedi Jesters" or "Wizard Warriors"

Combine two words that epitomize your troll army, like "Shadow Syndicate" or "Riot Rangers"

Use a word that describes your troll army's ultimate goal or mission, like "Chaos Champions" or "Disruption Division"

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