Lord Of The Rings Rohirrim Name Generator

Generate Lord of the Rings Rohirrim names randomly, Each name has its meaning for your reference. Such as Eodwine means "Horse-Friend" Grimbold means "Grim And Bold" You can choose the name you like best to use.


"Blissful Friend"


"Noble joy"


"Swift foot"


"Power of the wolf"


Some good ideas for generating Lord of the Rings Rohirrim names:

Base the names on nature or geography, such as "Eorl" (meaning "land" in Old English).

Use words that evoke a sense of bravery or strength, such as "Hallas" (meaning "valiant").

Draw inspiration from Arthurian legend, such as "Galahad" or "Lancelot".

Use traditional Anglo-Saxon naming conventions, such as adding "-ing" to the end of a word, such as "Helm" becoming "Helm-ing".

Take inspiration from Norse mythology, using names like "Fenrir" or "Odin".

Use compound words, such as "Eomund" (meaning "horse protector").

Combine two words into one, such as "Aelfric" (meaning "elf power").

Use names that have a poetic quality, such as "Aelfwine" (meaning "friend of the elves").

Take inspiration from Greek mythology, using names like "Achilles" or "Perseus".

Use names that have religious connotations, such as "Eadwine" (meaning "rich in friendship").

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