Artifact Name Generator

Generate Artifact names randomly, Each name has its meaning for your reference. Such as Stormcaller means A Powerful Staff That Can Summon And Control Lightning And Thunder. Shadowcloak means A Cloak That Grants Invisibility In Shadowy Areas You can choose the name you like best to use.

Celestial Bow

A bow that can shoot arrows made out of starlight.

Mirrorsight's Amulet

An amulet that allows the wearer to see through illusions and disguises.

Sunburst Shield

A shield that emits blinding flashes of sunlight that disorient attackers.

Demon's Eye Gem

a gemstone that can summon a demon to do the bearer's bidding


Some good ideas for generating Artifact names:

Consider the purpose of the artifact and what kind of impression you want it to give off.

Look up synonyms for key words related to the artifact.

Think about memorable phrases or idioms that relate to the artifact.

Consider cultural references or mythological figures associated with the artifact's theme.

Use alliteration or assonance to create a catchy name.

Play with the spelling of words to create a unique name.

Use descriptive adjectives to create a more evocative name.

Experiment with compound words or phrases.

Think about the time period or geographic location that the artifact is associated with.

Consider the materials or components used to make the artifact.

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