Troll Name Generator

Generate Troll names randomly, Each name has its meaning for your reference. Such as Grimgor The Terrible means A Fierce And Feared Troll Who Leaves Destruction In His Wake. Snargle The Sneaky means A Cunning And Sly Troll Who Is Adept At Ambushes And Stealing. You can choose the name you like best to use.

Grumpy Gargoyle

a surly, bad-tempered troll with a stone-like exterior.

Spiny Spinner

a prickly troll with a shell-like exterior.


A troll with a silly name and a silly personality.


a troll with sharp, deadly spikes on his back


Some good ideas for generating Troll names:

Use puns, like "Trickster Tim" or "Jester Jess"

Combine words to create a funny or ironic name, such as "Laughing Lenny" or "Smirking Sally"

Pick a name that sounds silly or absurd, like "Bongo Bob" or "Giggles the Clown"

Use wordplay, like "Merry Pranker" or "Sneaky Snicker"

Add a descriptive adjective before a noun, such as "Wily Wizard" or "Prankster Panda"

Choose a name that is completely unrelated to the subject matter, like "Rainbow Unicorn" or "Spunky Chicken"

Use a random object or animal as inspiration, such as "Slinky Snake" or "Banana Bonanza"

Play with spelling to make a funny name, like "Laffy Larry" or "Krazy Karl"

Use a nickname, like "Gigglebutt" or "Jokester Joe"

Combine a title with a name, such as "Captain Chuckles" or "Doctor Droll"

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