Guild Wars Sylvari Name Generator

Generate Guild Wars Sylvari names randomly, Each name has its meaning for your reference. Such as Aerinthea means "Graceful Flower" Aderynne means "Bird-Like Beauty" You can choose the name you like best to use.

Kaida Magnolia

Kaida comes from the Japanese word kaida, meaning "little dragon". Magnolia is a type of fragrant flower.


"The graceful one"


Means "strength of honey" in Sylvari language.


"fair, blessed poetry"


Some good ideas for generating Guild Wars Sylvari names:

Consider looking up words in the English language that relate to plants and trees, as sylvari are plant-like beings.

Experiment with different combinations of prefixes and suffixes to create unique names.

Think about different cultures or mythologies that have significant ties to nature.

Avoid using common names or ones that may already exist in-game.

Use a fantasy name generator to spark ideas.

Play around with different vowels, consonants, and accents to alter the sound of your name.

Take inspiration from other languages, especially ones that have words related to nature, such as Spanish or French.

Consider using botanical Latin names for plants or flowers.

Incorporate symbolism or mythology related to plants, such as the Tree of Life, into your name.

Look at the names of existing sylvari in the game for inspiration, but avoid copying them directly.

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