East Asian Town Name Generator

Generate East Asian Town names randomly, Each name has its meaning for your reference. Such as Shangyang means "Upper Sun" Hanzhong means "Cold Summer" You can choose the name you like best to use.


Sunny Place


"Pacify the Stream" in Chinese


"Beautiful County"


"Flat Island"


Some good ideas for generating East Asian Town names:

Research common East Asian prefixes and suffixes, such as "Hua," "Ling," "Jin," "Shan," and "Cheng."

Think about the town's location and use it as inspiration. For example, if the town is near a river, you can incorporate the word "river" into the name.

Consider using historical or cultural references in the town name, such as famous landmarks or events.

Use the names of local flora and fauna to create a unique name that reflects the natural environment.

Use adjectives that describe the local landscape or climate, such as "Misty," "Breezy," or "Sunny."

Think about common professions or industries in the area, using them as a source for inspiration in naming the town.

Use the names of local rivers, mountains, or significant geological features as a starting point for the name.

Look to local mythologies or legends for ideas, such as the story of the dragon or phoenix.

Consider using a combination of English and East Asian language elements to create a hybrid name.

Think about the town's history and cultural influences when creating a name, such as its colonial past or trade routes.

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