Curse Name Generator

Generate Curse names randomly, Each name has its meaning for your reference. Such as Curse Of The Banshee means Causes The Victim To Scream Uncontrollably, Attracting Unwanted Attention. Jinx Of The Raven means Causes The Victim To Be Followed By Ominous Ravens Everywhere They Go. You can choose the name you like best to use.

Mummy's Curse

A curse that brings the wrath of mummies upon the victim, causing them to become cursed forever.


a curse that causes the victim's feet to burn and blister as if walking on hot coals

Curse of Woe

brings misfortune and sorrow to the victim

Hex of Disintegration

A hex that causes the target to disintegrate into dust.


Some good ideas for generating Curse names:

Use descriptive adjectives that connote negativity, such as "rotten," "cursed," and "wretched."

Draw inspiration from the natural world: names like "Blackthorn" and "Serpentstar" can evoke a sense of malice.

Consider incorporating historical or mythological references, such as "Babylon's Bane" or "Charybdis' Curse."

Think about using onomatopoeia to create a name that sounds ominous, like "Whisper-Wailer" or "Grave-Groaner."

Use alliteration or rhyme to make the name more memorable, such as "Bone-Breaker" or "Shadow-Shrieker."

Draw from real-life insults or slurs, but be careful not to offend anyone; for example, "Muttface" or "Slimeball."

Create a name that plays on words, such as "Hexhausted" or "Spirited Away."

Use abbreviations or acronyms, such as "W.T.F." (Witch's Terrible Fate) or "D.M.V." (Demon's Malevolent Vengeance).

Incorporate colors into the curse name, such as "Blood-Red Blade" or "Midnight Mauler."

Use archaic or old-fashioned language to add a sense of antiquity, such as "Harrowing Hag" or "Necromancer's Nuisance."

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