Assyrian Name Generator

Generate Assyrian names randomly, Each name has its meaning for your reference. Such as Ashur means A City And Kingdom In Ancient Mesopotamia Shamshi means Sun You can choose the name you like best to use.


moon-god protect (the) king (male)


free, independent (female)


beloved (female)


elation (female)


Some good ideas for generating Assyrian names:

Start with researching the Assyrian culture and their naming conventions.

Look for Assyrian words or phrases that have significant meanings and use them as a basis for your names.

Find inspiration from historical figures or prominent individuals within the Assyrian community, like kings, queens, or scholars.

Consider the gender of your character and choose names that suit it.

Use suffixes such as -sha, -ta, or -il when creating Assyrian names.

Experiment with combining different syllables or parts of Assyrian words to create unique names.

Do not hesitate to modify existing Assyrian words to create new names.

Consider the setting of your story to determine whether to choose more traditional or modern names.

Use online resources like Assyrian dictionaries to find appropriate names.

Take inspiration from Assyrian mythology and use gods, goddesses, and other mythical creatures as name sources.

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